Adult Breast Sucking In Public Places Is New Craze In Ghana

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Would I be wrong if I said that they are going crazy in Africa?

The Nigerians have banned EVERYTHING GAY and the Ghanaians seem to be getting looser by the minute.  They constantly invite questionable celebrities over like AMBER ROSE to mentor their youth . Ghana is so crazy to me that I often crack the joke when I see wild female celebrities that they too will be getting invited to Ghana soon. Even Serena Williams was invited to Ghana after her booty popping video was released. Now Ghana has a new fashion statement-  Suckling breast in public places… 

The new craze in town is that almost all the young guys who visit the nite clubs with their girl friends are trying to suck their breasts openly without fear or shyness from the public. A writer witnessed it at a popular Nite club in Accra. 

Every occasion comes with a different lifestyle but what we are witnessing this year is a mind boggling one which needs serious attention from the authorities of the Nite clubs these activities have been seen. The first one was seen at a Nite club around Adabraka and Asylum Down(Accra) during their session they call Francophone Nite which is believed to house many people from neighboring French countries.  The most fascinating stuff about this breasts sucking craze is that the guys do not suck the “orange” (small) size breasts, but the “water melon” type which babies even admire.

O_O  These are grown men and women!!  What is going on over there? The continent seems to have a very heavy focus on s-e-x right now…. Will this catch on in the US?