Dark Skinned Black Men Date White Women Because of An Inferiority Complex

I recently spotted this video called A N#gger in Northface

While the video itself did touch me as to the mindsets of humans and reinforced the fact that love has no color it brought to light something else. Love does not have a color but some people do specifically seek out another race to find love with while some truly just happen to fall in love.

I wonder if some black men actually realize that what they are loving is actually something that makes them feel better about their dark skin.  I noticed from youth that dark skinned males had a very high tendency of dating women who were much lighter than them and may have had an higher attraction to white women than the average black male.

I remember when I was about 14 this lil cute light skinned boy liked me but I remember him telling me that his father said he should not pursue me because I was too dark and that we might have some dark babies..  Now weirdly I have always had an odd complexion. I am neither light nor dark. I am more of a caramel complexion.  But in black culture there is no caramel complexion. It’s either you are light skin or dark skin.  I have to wonder to myself if this racial divide really comes from slavery and the masters taking presedence of the lighter slaves and making them “house negros.”

Seeing as to how I’ve been around many different types of people and situations I would like to say that YES, lighter skinned black people are often times more sought after and treated better by other blacks and other races. In America lighter skin is associated with beauty. Although people like Tyra Banks, Noami Campbell, Iman and Tyson Becford were the forefront of  the top modeling, high fashion world.

Still their success and mass appeal has not been enough to drench black culture into discontinuing the  subdivide by skin tones. And I don’t think it’s possible to stop the divide when the oppressors and people who are in control are the ones responsible for making the divide by showing their preference to lighter blacks.  Just my rambling thoughts.. I would usually read this several times, chop it up, edit it and make it all pretty and perfect but not today..

However, I would love to know your thoughts on interracial dating . Not really caring if you agree with me or not..