Justin Bieber Pulled Over in His Batmobile Again

Popstar Justin Bieber was pulled over by a Los Angeles police officer while driving his Batman-themed Cadillac CTS-V. Bieber was reportedly pulled over after he made a left turn from the middle lane while traffic was still moving.

While talking to the police officer, Justin covered his face with his hand and only cracked the window. The LAPD officer was then seen letting Bieber go without a ticket. This is not the first time Justin has run into trouble in his tricked out Cadillac – he was pulled over as recently as this October after reportedly cutting off a California Highway Patrol Officer. The custom Batman Cadillac CTS-V features the Batman logo on the front and back of the car, a custom “JB” logo on the side panel and the word “Batmobile” across the trunk.He was let off with a warning for both incidents.

I’m starting to think Cadillac pays Justin to get pulled over in the car just so that I can write about it.. If so that is a genius company!!