Mary J Bliges “Mr. Wrong” Video Is All Wrong

The video for Mary J Bliges “Mr. Wrong” off of her My Life II: The Journey Continues  My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I), dropped and I must say there are quite a few things wrong with the video.

Although Mary J Blige herself looks spectacular in the video, the stripper pole is so unnecessary. Mary’s very stiff dance moves also add nothing to the video.  Noticeably absent from the video is rapper “Drake” who penned a verse on the track. Why would you hire one of the hottest rappers out and drop him from the video? I wonder if her admiration of Beyonce had something to do with that. Seeing as to how Bey replaced Dre on one of her cuts

This video was an opportunity for Mary  to create a story line. Instead Mary gave us hot vocals backed up by a thigh high boots and a stripper pole.. It’s all wrong.  Frankly Mary is too old to be leaning on a stripper pole. Although Mary is aging very gracefully the visuals of the video come off as immature.  But none the least as I stated Mary looks marvelous in the video.


 Mary J Blige