Michael Jackson’s 3 Lil White Kids Bother Me

This week has brought something to the forefront of my emotions. Mainly because Conrad Murray supposedly had the book thrown at him for killing Michael Jackson.  He got 4 years in jail.  You call that the book??? Not bad for killing the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

I have been thinking about something and holding it in for some time now.  I kept it to myself because I did not want to offend anyone or dishonour Michael Jackson’s legacy.  But after watching video of Michael Jackson’s kids bored at the X-Factor Michael Jackson tribute I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  So I posted it on my Facebook page (don’t know what I was thinking) darn there started a race war.  So I decided to finish out my opinion on my blog where it’s safe at.

I’m not racist. I swear I do not have any problems with white people. I love every body. But I can not help that something bothers me every time I see Michael Jackson’s 3 lil white kids. Those kids obviously do not have an ounce of black in them.

It bothers me that Michael Jackson hated the color of his skin so badly that he refused to leave behind any seeds that  resembled him. It’s sad and upsetting.  I feel completely jipped that there won’t be a lil black kid who can stand up with his lil jherri curl in school and say that Michael Jackson  is his daddy.  I can usually care less about other people’s issues, but this one hurts me to the core.  Like he couldn’t have at least one black kid while he was doing all that adopting and false birth mess?

Michael Jackson was seriously screwed up but we loved him anyway.  It was his music. Nothing could touch our hearts the way Mike’s music did.

Those who have kids of their own can easily understand how it feels to look at something that is your flesh and blood that is a reflection of you. There is no way a black person can say they love them selves and their skin color and not be able to understand just how sad Michael Jackson’s issues were. Michael hated his race so badly that he turned his skin white and left behind white kids. Michael effectively erased his black bloodline and started over with a white bloodline to continue on his legacy.. Goodbye to the old Michael and hello to the new version of Michael.

Michael loved everyone of every race. He just didn’t love himself as a black man. This is so DEEP.  Michael thought that the only way a kid could ever have a good life in this world free of ridicule was to be white. He even named the child Blanket.  What is a Blanket? It covers up something..

This was payback from Michael to his family. But what about his black fans who loved him since he was 5?  What about all the lil black kids who cut all of our hair off to get a jheri curl like Michael Jackson..

Man, this situation is very sad and brings me to tears. Michael Jackson was born a black man on August 29th 1958  and died as a white man June 25, 2009.   On the outside he was white, but on the inside his DNA was still black. Michael could never stop being black or erase his DNA.

It all started with a nose surgery to get a slimmer nose. All cause his father teased him about his big wide nose. Surgery after surgery Michael Jackson kept trying to cure his blackness although he was LOVED by millions around the world.  Nothing would cure him though. So instead he eradicated it by having pure white kids.

Over time the kids light hair has been dyed to convince us that they are black.  Paris is a natural blonde. Her hair is even parted and flat ironed like a black girls.

 I wished they would stop trying to convince us that those are Michael’s biological kids.

Michael sung to us when he was just a little boy and told us he would always be there. But Michael Jackson left us a long time ago even before he died.   I’m not afraid to say that it hurts to the point of tears.

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