Mother Arrested for Tattooing Baby

Albany New York – A local New York State resident, Franny Trokerns was arrested early this morning after being turned in by her babysitter.  She works as a dancer at a local strip bar and apparently during a night of heavy drinking she allowed her on-and-off-again boyfriend Derrek Honsteads (a tattoo artist) to tattoo her 9 month old baby!

This has to be false right??? I mean this is impossible..  Some crazy story that someone sent me.. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a baby could not be tattooed. The screams would be unbearable.. And then you would actually have to take care of the tattoo afterwards to make sure that it healed properly.. Secondly the article OF COURSE said that she was a dancer and was drunk.. and of course her boyfriend had to be on and off again cause a stripper can’t keep a stable relationship, right?

This plays into the emotions and thoughts that the average person has about strippers.  People tend to think strippers are the slum of the earth and do many irresponsible things.  That is how stories like this become believable to people who don’t rationalize things.

Another story that’s going around right now is the little girl in the elevator on WSHH that was about to get raped and ended up beating the man up.  I didn’t even click on the the video before I said that is not real.. You know why? Because we would not have such easy access to it on the internet.  #2 A little girl does not have the strength to beat up a grown man. #3 If you actually watch the video I don’t even think the little girl or the man pressed a button to go to a floor.

So far this video has been liked on Facebook 43,000 times and I’m positive that at least 42, 900 of those people thought the video was real.. PEOPLE ARE SAYING IT’S REAL.. I don’t believe it is.. 

There are some humans who have begun to realize the simplicity of the human mind and they are making false stories to upset you, excite you and trick you..   Everyone should use common sense and learn to analyze things. It’s sort of like reading comprehension.