Shots Fired! Deion Sanders Daughter Airs Out Pilar On Twitter and It’s All Bad

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Deiondra Sanders has had enough of Pilar slandering her daddy’s name.

Especially the story where Pilar told TMZ that she found out about her divorce through TMZ’s website like everyone else. Deiondra took to twitter to air her ex mother in law out.

The backstory is that Deion Sanders wanted his wife to be a housewife, but she did not want to be a housewife. She instead wanted to be a celebrity wife. And since she kept working towards being a celebrity wife despite Deion’s wishes she is now getting paid for magazine shoots and getting paid to host parties. All thanks to marrying Deion.

Deion’s daughter is claiming that Pilar won’t even allow the kids to see Deion’s other kids right now.

Technically, I just want to interrupt and say she does have a 20 year old’s body….

Now at the end of the day Pilar could have been like any other wife and went into oblivion after the divorce. Was it actually wise of Pilar to pursue fame? Now that the couple is divorcing Pilar actually has her own source of income from her modeling gigs.

Was Deion right in his decision to not allow his wife to pursue her dreams?  I mean it’s not like he was still playing football..