The Bullying Of Poor School Age Children For Lack Of Decent Clothing

Extreme poverty in Africa where parents can't even get a minimum wage job

I woke up this morning with a Facebook notification that someone had responded to one of the comments on my website. I click the link and it’s yet another person upset with me about THIS STORY.

I was surprised at how many people felt enough anger to lash out at me for speaking the truth and then go right back to their POOR world raising kids who are crippled in life from the very start because they have not one but two sh@tty parents.

Somehow they think because they were selfish to begin with and bring a child into the world in poverty that it’s okay to ship that child off to school looking poor.  They fail to realize that there will be other kids in the class who also have poor parents, but their clothes don’t show it.

The way your child looks is a representation of you. Just because you walk around looking like a bum does not mean you have the right to make your child look like that.

To me knowing the harsh realities of life it would be stupid to tell a child that material possession don’t mean anything in life when that is not the world we live in.

The more I talk to people outside of my immediate circle the more I realize that parents are crippling their kids for life. Do you know how much self esteem it takes to grow up and become the first black president? How much high self esteem it takes to say that you are going to go to law school and be a lawyer? You are going to speak to people from all over the world and get them to respect you and put their faith and trust in you.

Believe it or not that HIGH SELF ESTEEM starts at a very young age. If you don’t nurture your kids self esteem while they are young you are slowing them down. People seem  uninterested in breeding winning kids. It seems to be all about just providing food, and shelter and saying I love you.

Meanwhile you have the rich parents whose kids already have a self esteem head start vying to get their kids into the best preschools just so that they can be smart too and associate with other well off families.  They breed them from birth to get in higher social circles and be successful. Then you have NORMAL parents who make sure their kids go to school looking decent.

Kids whose parents take good care of them. Future Presidents

Other people exist inside that class room other than your kid. Do you really want your kid being the loner in the corner who gets teased, the  one nobody likes?

Instead of screaming at me they should of spent that time learning how to sew since they can’t afford to buy their child any nice clothes.

This is NOT AFRICA, or some poor third world country. This is America where people want the best.  Frankly if you  spend time fighting against the reality that the world is materialistic and expect your kid to be blind to it and expect other kids to not talk bad about your kid who looks like a bum. You are  only sending your child into an ambush. Those are the kids who grow up and have troubles with the opposite sex. CONFIDENCE is the key to taking over the world. With confidence you can achieve anything.

50 Cent Writes An Anti-Bullying Book

Lastly, I don’t understand why so many people are ok with being poor. I mean you grow up not having and that is supposed to light a fire under you to do great things so that when you have your kids they won’t have to grow up poor and go without like you did.  But it’s crazy that people actually grow up, don’t work hard to achieve anything in life and then have kids and start the cycle all over again.

AND, want the rest of the world to take pity on them and not say mean things to them.. That is just not life.  Like I said if not being able to provide for your kid doesn’t set a light under you to get up and get some money and make something out of yourself NOTHING will.