Chelsea Handler Reveals Her Relationship With 50 Cent Ended Because Of Ciara & Says His Magic Stick Wasn’t So Magic After All

50 Cent looking like Boo Boo The Fool

Chelsea dishes the dirt on her relationship with 50 Cent.

Lawd!! The drama..  First Chelsea got slammed yesterday by Nick Cannon on Twitter after footage surfaced of Chelsea talking bad about Mariah. Today audio  of  Chelsea Handler  talking about her relationship with 50 Cent surfaces..  And you would think she would be tactful, politcally correct and leave a few things out. But nope, Chelsea spilled all the deets about not only her relationship with 50, but details on their sex life and why they broke up.. Apparenlty they broke up because of Ciara. (No wonder why 50 used to subliminally diss Ciara on twitter.)

Chelsea stopped by shock jock, Howard Stern’s morning show on Monday.  In the interview she calls 50 sweet and says his magic stick wasn’t so magic after all. Although apparently she was just using Fif for sex..  Handler  also pretty much says that Fif is ghetto and beneath her after he tried to call Ciara on 3 way with Chelsea on the phone..

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Chelsea Handler dishes on 50 Cent’s non magic stick 

Chelsea talks about Ciara 3Way Convo

And in case you missed it, watch Ciara’s appearance on The Chelsea Lately Show. Where apparently 50 was right, cause Ciara gave Chelsea a bunch of “Ghetto Girl” gifts to go with her need Hood Ninja.. (TUH)

50 always says nice things about Chelsea. Maybe because he didn’t want the world to know that he got dumped by an old white lady.. Vivica is probably smiling after hearing this interview. Ciara is probably rolling her neck like I can’t stand that nicca.