Chris Bosh is still fighting Allison Mathis to see his daughter

No surprise,  another Athlete with baby mama Troubles

When a relationship ends, sometimes it leaves one partner bitter. Still its no excuse to keep a child away from their parent.  NBA Heat star Chris Bosh is battling his baby mama in court just to see his daughter, Trinity.

Bosh has an on going court custody case against his baby mama Allison Mathis, that started back in May 2011 . The legal documents filed in Maryland , states that  Chris hasn’t spoken directly to his baby mama since April of 2011. Mathis only communicates with Bosh through her lawyers.


Bosh claims that he tried on several occasions to speak with Allison, about visiting his daughter, but all requests has been ignored, and denied. Last June Chris begged Allison to allow his daughter to come and watch him in the NBA playoff, she still refused. Maybe that could have been the sole reason for Chris’s breakdown when they lost the playoffs to the Mavericks.  Eventually his daughter was able to watch him play during  one of his court ordered visitations.


Early in 2011 Bosh filed a case to have  Allison held in contempt, for not allowing his to see his daughter. The court date is set for July 12th. I really don’t understand why some woman makes it hard for a man to see his child, when he wants to spend time. When its so many women out here that struggle everyday just to get a man to want to see his child. Chris Bosh is currently married to Adrienne Williams, maybe this is the main source of Allison bitterness. Allison and Chris were supposed to get married back in 2008,but the wedding never happen.