How Did Blacks Go From Being Slaves in the 1800’s To Killing One Another In the 1900’s?

Sidney Poitier and his 1st Wife 1963 Juanita

The other night ¬†I caught a movie on NetFlix.. To Sir With Love” featuring Sidney Poitier. What an awesome movie made in the 1960’s. ¬†If you have yet to see this flick you are truly missing out. ¬†It’s a movie for all to see, as it takes you on beautiful hills of joy and tears.

Anyway, I suddenly thought back to this movie “Tales From The Hood”.. ¬†One particular part in the movie was played by Clarence Williams III who in the past was mistaken for Sidney Poitier. ¬†The character Clarence played as a funeral director told four tales. One featured a group of gangbangers.

Although a lightweight horror flick the foundation in this particular segment substantiated the mindset of the black males who killed one another. A very profound message was subconsciously programmed into the tale.

At this part in the movie the Klansmen asked the young black gangbanger, ¬†“What race were the people you killed?”.. Then he laughs and tells the young black man “they were niggas”.. PAUSE..¬†¬†He has helped the Klan kill his own people.

I found myself pondering the question of how did this happen.. How did black people go from slaves to killing one another in just a span of 100 years?

The slaves were freed in 1863.   One hundred years later blacks had begun to rise and fight for their social economic freedoms. Leaders were rising in the black community.   Blacks had come together to fight, not fight against each other but instead fight together as a solitary unit against their oppressors.

Medgar Evers & Dr. King

June 12, 1963 Civil rights activist¬†Medgar Evers was assassinated in front of his home. In his hands he held “Jim Crow Must Go” t-shirts. This happened right after JFK had given a speech in support of the civil rights movement. Later in that year President John F Kennedy was assassinated. Suddenly¬†Malcom X was assassinated in 1965 a few years later¬†Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on a balcony in 1968.

Twenty years later gang violence was already at an all time high in 1998. And although he was dead by then Huey P Newton had actually attributed to this violence.

1998 – Something had gone terribly wrong. This was a time when all of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dreams had come true. Blacks could go to school where they wanted. They had the freedom of working anywhere. Blacks were bestowed with a life they were supposed to have. ¬†They were being treated as human beings. But at the same time a crack epidemic had taken over the black community.

That epidemic started back in 1983 with Freeway Ricky Ross who earned his nickname from the fact he owned properties near the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles. Clearly the crack epidemic was a result trickling from  the loss of leadership of the Civil Rights Leaders.  They were assassinated for this very reason. A community without leadership will fall.

Here enters Rick Ross. Rick Ross (the real Rick Ross) was not a smart man. He hoped to someday be a professional tennis player. But those dreams were crushed once it was learned that he could not read or write.

So the uneducted young man started selling drugs when he was 19-years-old. Ross moved $2-$3 million in crack a day. So much so that he got tired of counting the money.

Rick’s customers were poor black people in the ghetto. The uneducated. The hopeless. People who were already losing so they felt like they had nothing else to lose by getting high to numb the pain of despair and desperation. To cope with their life of poverty.

Ross was not the only or the first crack dealer . At the time quite a few small time crack peddlers existed.  But what made Ross so popular is his connection with Blandon, Blandon who was a DEA operative hired by the Ronald Regan administration and given the green light to flourish the Los Angeles ghettos with crack. Danilo Blandon had a masters degree in marketing.

In order to sell the crack Freeway enlisted the crips and the bloods to help.. The crips and bloods of course were poor, uneducated blacks. Ross even began to sell the crack on credit.. Buy now pay later. He would undercut everyone’s prices. And the buy now pay later plan was the start of the crack spreading outside state lines… ¬†The national crack epidemic..

‘Socio-economic factors led certain ethnic and racial groups to be particularly involved with the distribution of certain drugs*,”

In the middle of the heat coming down from law enforcement Ross moved to Cincinatti and briefly stopped selling drugs.  Soon his hand started itching and he started selling again in Cincinatti. Using the same sell cheap but give high volume technique the crack quickly spread outside Cinncinatti state lines.. By 1990 Rick Ross had begun to serve a 10 year jail sentence. He ended up serving 4 years and got out early for testifying against a cop just to get out again and be set up by Blandon and the government.. But the damage was already done.

Now gangs had established a way to make a living by selling crack. In order to mark their territory and keep people in line violence ensued..

You have young black men selling drugs. Not only killing one another but getting long prison terms.. Then they get out and can’t get a job so what else are they going to do, but start selling drugs again. It’s all they know. Selling crack is the only way they can envision themselves manifesting ¬†appearance of ¬†a winning lifestyle. ¬†These young black men have kids, kids that they can’t teach to do much better because they don’t know better themselves. ¬†The kids grow up uneducated wanting the fast life. Some become pimps and start to pray on the black women in their community.. Some even spread to other communities and pray on women outside of their ethinicity.. It’s all poverty based.. It’s all a bunch of uneducated people.

I never thought much about drug dealers before. They do not force anyone to do drugs. I personally have nothing against Freeway Ricky Ross. He has changed his life around. He seems to be a nice guy these days. ¬†But Freeway Ricky Ross is greatly responsible for blacks killing one another. He started it with the crack. ¬†But just like the gangs and kids who join them, Rick didn’t see any other way. He just wanted to make a living. He was uneducated. Gang violence started with an uneducted man and will only end when all black men become educated.

Lack of education is the biggest reason for what goes on in the black community. Yes, other races have been enslaved and ¬†quickly recovered. ¬†But no one was enslaved to the extent of the blacks for hundreds of years.. Other races can blend in with whites and pass for whites. But black is black. Whites have had 100’s of years to get it right.

We look at Diddy and Jay Z. They are rappers. You don’t like their lyrics. ¬†You say they are mysogonistic. But their music isnt killing anyone. ¬†They are not crippling the black community. Instead these men are millionaires. Self made, their kids will be business men. They won’t join gangs. They in a way are changing life for the better for their generation. ¬†It’s better to not listen to their words, but instead watch what they do. Hundreds of years from now blacks won’t be in such bad situations as they are now. Gang Violence will not always exist in it’s current state.

I understand now why education is so important. It teaches you a better way. It allows you to interact with people outside of your small perimeter. It gives you hope. It changes your way of thinking.  You see many avenues now instead of just one straight line.

Blacks have been systematically set up to fail.  But the majority of those who fall into the entrapment of the system fall in due to lack of knowledge. The devastation in the black community ends with education.  Black men have to stand up again and take leadership roles in their families lives. Their Cousins, nephew, friends of your kids. Someone has to educate these kids and show them the right way. The men have to teach their women to help them in this cause.  Blacks must learn their history.

If one does not know their history how can they know where they are going?

*crack was a sold drug of choice by black men. Sold to black people. Therefore the crack laws were made specifically to imprison black men. Those laws have since been changed.