Lawsuit: Cash Money’s Bryan “Baby” AKA “Birdman” Williams And Brother “Slim” In Court, Over Rape Case

Cash Money’s Finest Birdman and Slim are  embroiled in a lawsuit stemming from rape allegations.. And no it’s not a male suing.. It’ s a female.

A College Park woman is asking a judge to make a recording company responsible for an assault committed by one of its employees.

Nicole Westmoreland claims she was supposed to be given an opportunity to make a business presentation, but instead she says she was “exposed to illegal drugs and explicit sexual activity” before the act took place.

“I was followed into the bathroom, forced inside and I was raped,” Westmoreland said.

She identified Alfred Cleveland as the man who committed the assault.

He told authorities when they took him into custody that he worked for Cash Money Records.

The criminal case has already been handled through a negotiated plea. Cleveland got 3 years jail time. Attorney Charles Hodges has a civil lawsuit pending against the record company on behalf of the young woman.
Westmoreland claims she was offered $100,000 not to go to police, which she refused. She said the company threatened her life if she refused to drop the case.
“That if I didn’t drop it that they were going to kill me,” said Westmoreland in court on Tuesday.
Record company lawyer Jim Cox refuted that claim. The defense denies that Cleveland was an employee of that company; they claim he was a friend.

“I believe that Brian Williams and Ronald Williams had to know that the rapist was dangerous,” Westmoreland testified.
Westmoreland said the incident has forced her to seek treatment at a mental hospital after feeling suicidal. She is seeking unspecified damages.

To me this  sounds just like this  case that came against 50 Cent..   Although in this case BABY himself actually invited her over …It was late at night though and she brought some friends with her though.. She says they were having sex in the lobby when she went to the bathroom in order to rethink her decision to be there.  But she went for business though.. HUMMMNN