LeBron James Finance Shows Off Her Engagement Ring With Chipped Nail Polish

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Man. Praise the Lord. This year is starting out right.. That millionaire Lebron guy  decided to fall into his idols footsteps (Michael Jordan proposed to high girlfriend) by making a decision to stop shacking up playing house.  He finally proposed to his high school sweetheart after 8 long years..

I had begun to think that James was holding out for a model chick. But thanks to his friends like Chris Paul getting married and doing the right thing Lebron has saw the light and decided to make Savannah Brinson a proper young lady after all these years.

King James celebrated his 27th birthday  last night.. Instead of receiving gifts, the NBA star decided to actually give away the biggest gift of all. He proposed to his long time girlfriend Savannah who is also the mother of his 2 kids.

The proposal took place at a New Year’s Eve party at Shelborne South Beach’s SL Nightclub in Miami.

During his toast Lebron said:

“A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And Savannah’s that. She’s got my back, and I love her for that.” 

Yay!! A toast to King James, for not getting on and leaving her for a white girl! Hip, Hip Hoooray! I am so happy for that lady.. She soooo deserved it.. It was soooo overdue..Their wedding is going to be sooooo Beautiful.   Good Stuff. 

Savannah feel free to send us some photos of the ring gurl. 

I guess if I was engaged to Lebron I wouldn’t  care about my nails being chipped either.. 

Will there be a prenup? O_o