You Reap What You Sow [True Stories By An Educated Black Man]

big-booty-black-girlWhen I go to the club I look for the biggest booty there. I met a woman with a big booty. She was 42, I was 26. Anyway her ex-husband who was the same age as she was left her for some young girl.

The girl was 24 when they met. He was a VP at a Big corporation. It first started off with just sex. Then one thing led to another and then he would eventually just get reckless and started spending the night with her. His wife would call him all night crying for him to come home.

Then eventually he just said you know what I am tired of that big ass booty I have at home. They had one child together. The man was so turned out by that new booty he was getting. He filed for a divorce. The wife begged him and cried for a whole year for him to come back.

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