Jay Z May Not Be So Charitable After All – ONLY gave $6,000 To His Charity

Rapper JAY Z earned $63 million in 2010 and donated a paltry $6,431 to his own charity that year, according to an examination of tax records for the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund by The Daily.

A representative said in a statement provided to The Daily that Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) contributes in other ways, and that his mother works at the charity for free:

“Jay, along with his family, provided office support, overhead support, Mrs. Gloria Carter’s 100% effort and time, computers, FedEx expenses, accounting, and treasury function support. This was at no cost to the charity.”

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, received three donations in 2010, totaling $218,849, The Daily noted.

The representative also noted that in 2011, a year for which tax returns for the charity are not yet available, the artist helped raise $1.25 million for the organization by performing at a free concert.

Forbes estimated Jay-Z’s net worth at $420 million.

I guess his moms free work is worth Millions and FedEx delivers in a gold truck….