Lil Kim Booty Popping to Rihanna & Chris Brown’s Birthday Cake Remix

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Lil Kim partied over the weekend and got her Birthday Cake Booty Pop on. I’m only posting this as an example of pure ratchetness.

Lil Kim used to be sultry, sexy, and often times slutty and that was quite acceptable. But now that she went and got a back attachment attempting to rival Nicki Minaj she has completely turned into a hot mess.. And to think I had high hopes for the lady after seeing her latest photo where she looked much better although her new cover art for her single did remind me of Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles..

I'm completely not going to comment on anything big in the picture

I don’t understand. It seems like once Nicki stole her style Kim is trying to reinvent herself. It’s like she is afraid to just be who she is.  Kim used to be a rather fly chick. She’s a bit older now and she can still do it..  Hopefully she can find a new stylist or something cause I’m  starting to feel like Kim should just call it quits.. That thought saddens me. 

Anyway, check the video.. The ratchet next to Kim is really a mess..