Nicki Minaj’s Creepy 2012 Illuminati Grammy Performance [VIDEO]

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When Nicki Minaj arrived with The Pope the entire viewer audience gave Nicki the side eye.. Who knew that was only the beginning of what she had in store for us.. Who knew that the Pope would play a part in Nicki’s act to exorcise herself.

Man,  Nicki Minaj be on that stuff..  This performance is creepier than what Lady Gaga does..  Maybe because Gaga’s choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, who she fired a few months ago after not liking her Masonic video, is now Nicki’s choreographer..

Nicki has the entire internet shouting illuminati after this performance..  She did an excorsism on her alter ego ‘Roman‘ who she has said in interviews gives her all of her strength on stage. Something that the illuminati type of people speak of often, including Beyonce’s ‘Sasha Fierce’. Saying a spirit takes over them when they are performing on stage.

It’s obvious that Nicki has become much more of performer than she is a rapper..  Only if Lil Kim would have thought of these things.  Either way she just might start getting all those acting gigs she wants. 

Thoughts on this tragedy?  

And Pope John Bishop was all too happy to be Nicki’s escort..