Raz B Decides To Further Embarrass Himself With A New Video

That boy Raz B is a hot azz mess. He knows no embarrassment. But boy can he sing.. Make a video though?Hell no. Raz needs to put that on his not to do ever again list.  Raz B’s Na Na Na video comes in as the worst video of 2012 so far.  It’s apparent he had absolutely no budget whatsoever and video models who were willing to accept the gig were also in null and void not a chance in hell scarcity.

The song.. Raz doesn’t sound bad at all. He has a nice voice. The song is better than the BS that Brandy and Monica put out calling themselves making music… But the video.. The video must go.. I mean I could have possibly taken Raz’s vocals seriously had he not released this video..

But now, I’m just thinking. OH Na, Na, Na.. Take It Back.

I’m wrong for mentioning Raz in the same sentence as Drake and Nicki Minaj but these artists are sure saving a lot of money on these pop the top videos they are putting out. Anyways thanks for the laugh Raz.. You are always good for that.