Tyler Perry Says He Was Clueless As To Who Kim Kardashian Was [VIDEO]

The “Good Deeds” director  Tyler Perry stops by the Chelsea Lately show. He admits to being clueless about who Kim Kardashian was, reveals how he and Oprah became friends and talks about a homeless woman he helped out. 

Interview Excerpts: 

On the Homeless Woman He Helped Out In Real Life:

“I met this woman. She came up to me and I like everybody else working, like you don’t want to be bothered with this. I’m reaching in my pocket trying to find some money, I was sure she was going to ask me for money. But she asked me for shoes. So I took her in the studio and had wardrobe find her some shoes. She was crying saying my feet are off the ground.

That just touched me so much. We looked around and she was gone.. I went out trying to find her we finally found her and I helped her out from there. She never asked for money, she only wanted shoes. To have your feet off the ground that was such a big deal for her. It’s been such a lesson for me in life.  Just to remember your feet are off the ground not matter what is going on . You’re alive, your feet are off the ground, you have so much to be thankful for.”

On Casting Kim Kardashian for the movie “Marriage Counselor” 

“So, again, I don’t watch television, I didn’t know very much about Kim. Somebody said, ‘What about Kim Kardashian?’ and I said ‘Okay, sounds great,’ and then I get — all hell broke loose, man. She’s in a movie called ‘The Marriage Counselor’ and I found out she’s going through a divorce after a few days. I mean, all hell broke loose. Every black woman in America was after me for that. So the two things I realized would get me in trouble, hiring Kim Kardashian for a movie and dating you, so now I know two things that I can’t do. But no, she was great in the movie and it was a lot of fun.”

On What Black Women Were Saying To Him Afterwards:

“They were tweeting, ‘Have you lost your mind? All of the black women that need work and you’re hiring Kim Kardashian?’ But when they see the movie they’ll see it’s a small role that I wrote for her and she did a great job in it. You’re gonna be surprised. You’ll call me up and say, ‘You know what? She did a really good job.”

How he became friends with Oprah:

“The first time i was on her show in 2001 and it was about following your dreams. Then I never heard from her again. Walking down the street in Las Vegas and my phone rings. She had seen Diary Of A Mad Black Woman and she was calling me to tell me how much she enjoyed the movie. So my phone rings and it’s her, I’m about to walk into traffic. I’m like is this really Oprah Winfrey calling me on my cellphone.”

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