Chad Ochocinco Dropped $8,000 To Treat 200 Fans To A Soul Food Dinner at Sylvia’s

Yesterday Chad Ochocinco Johnson landed in New York to finalize his $300,000 deal with VH1 for him and Evelyn’s new reality show.  Fresh off the plane and smelling money in the air Ocho said that he liked to share. 

After signing the contracts and making the big money deal official Chad was feeling generous.  He asked fans if any of them were available for dinner tonight.  After recieving a large response Chad tweeted that the 1st 200 People to meet him at Sylvia’s in Harlem would recieve free dinner and drinks on him. 

Within minutes fans starting showing up at Slyvia’s on 126th & Lenox Avenue in Harlem.  And as promised, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson treated 200 people to dinner at Sylvia’s. 

During the meal, he Tweeted:

“Met 200 hundred people 2night. Now I’ve 200 new friends, even better 200 new friends have my phone number. Now that shit is #Epic or #Crazy”

Ocho treated fans to ribs, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, collard greens and they even received cupcakes from Cakeman Raven! That wasn’t it though.. Ocho took photos with the fans and gave each of them his phone number.  Chad even lead his fans with a prayer before dinner. 

The meal totaled $7,914. This is not the first time Chad has done something like this the NFL Player consistently treats fans to free meals all over the country every month..  Shaq is also known to tweet people where he’s at and let them show up. 

This was very kind of Chad.. Last time I posted about Chad he flew a fan out to his game after the fan complained that he had never gotten a response from Chad in two years.

You can say it’s PR or whatever you want to call it, but he doesn’t have to do these things.  It’s one thing to do something good for people but it’s another to make them feel good. Chad did both.  Ochocinco is alright with me and long as he and Evelyn stay together..

Source: BSOL/Gotham