DECISIONS – Evelyn Lozada Will Marry Into An Open Relationship With Chad Ochocinco?

evelyn-lozada-ochocincoWhen it comes to open relationships most people don’t want to admit to being in one. Others fail to realize that they are actually in one..

Although the average “open relationship” is open on both sides the rest are often times one sided.. From the outside looking in one may call women that participate in such a relationship, stupid, dumb or feel as though they may suffer from low self-esteem. But many like Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada see love for what it truly is and understand the ins and outs of ones hormones..

So for the sake of love Evelyn is willing to marry Chad Ochocinco and be in an open relationship. Last week on Basketball Wives Evelyn had hopes of getting past the gossip and the rumors of Chad’s possible infidelities. The wedding being just 3 months away Eve is demanding the Chad “tighten up.”

Chad basically told Evelyn that while he’s out on the road, he may want to have sex, and Evelyn told him that if that happens, she would like for him to tell her about it and wrap it up because then she’ll have more respect for him.

“I want you to be 100 with me. I’d rather know. Tell me1 I wanna know. Go to the pharmacy and get condoms. I’mma be sick like a motherf–ker but what can I do but respect you and know that you’re telling me the truth rather than hide it. Because at the end of the day you don’t have to tell me nothing. I don’t want to have to babysit you but I’d rather you be real with me because Lord knows what could happen.”

Then Chad suggested that if he and Evelyn were out together and he saw a female that he was attracted to, they — as a couple — should be able to “bring her home.” Evelyn wrote on her blog that it’s not that she’s just accepting that Chad will cheat but she’s been real about the situation she’s getting herself into by marrying a pro-athlete.

“I am a realist as to the world we live in. When your relationship is high profile and publicized like mine, I don’t put anything past anyone. Who is to say that either one of us will eventually fall into that temptation one day? We don’t know that.”

“My thing is, I want to take my wedding vows and say, we want this to be forever, but you never know.”

“I am not condoning Chad for cheating… There will be temptation, but it takes a strong bond to defeat it. We do love each other and are both focused on making this work… I love Chad, my focus is him and vice-versa and we are going to do this thing and work it out. There is an abundant amount of negativity and it isn’t easy. It has been a challenge, but this is my dude and I love him.”

Watch Evelyn and Chad discuss their relationship below:

The thing is Evelyn is being realistic. But honestly, I don’t think she can handle it.  The truth is when signing up for an open relationship with a wealthy man everything may go okay for a few years.. The wife is happy as long as she continues to come first. But over a period of time he starts to spend less time with her and more time with the chicks on the side who were not supposed to be that important.   He doesn’t need to have sex with her because his sexual needs are being met by others. At this point a woman must make a decision if she is truly in it for the love or if she wants to get her half, call a divorce and go on her marry way to marry a man who isn’t so fortunate and will agree to remain monogamous.

What’s even more so important about this video is that Chad states that eve does have good puzzy.. Evelyn on top of that is also a very sexy, gorgeous woman. But yet Chad still wants something on the side..

Ladies, Would you be willing to be in an open relationship for the right price?

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