NICKI MINAJ’S new Bikini Pics Have People Questioning if her Azz is Real.

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Nicki Minaj‘s starship song is going hard on the charts right now. So hard that Nicki just topped the UK’s Charts as the Highest Charting Female Rapper In History, coming in at #5.. With that being said ‘Starships’ is well on it’s way to being the Queen of Young Money’s most successful release yet.

Nicki flew into Hawaii on her magical pink barbie Jet to shoot the video for the hit song.  Nicki found the roughest looking beach she could find on the island, pulled out her trunk full of wigs and fresh Aladdin costumes to showcase her booty and hip hop goddess form.

Don’t be surprised if the creature from the Black Lagoon shows up in the video.. That’s one wild ash beach she’s shooting on.. Definitely looks more like Swampland. (Off topic, have you even seen this movie called Zombieland? It’s hilarious.)

The green wig was definitely trashed after the shoot

Nicki is having major cross over success with this techno song but she will always remain in her rap roots. The Head Barb will be a rap icon in the future as she lays a successful foundation to become the first female rap mogul.

‘Starships’ is a most welcome song when I’m at these boring  techno playing clubs in Vegas. The drug fueled techno music has taken over the world because it keeps people drinking and dancing at the nightclubs.

The photo above is fine, but if you look at the first photo in the galley and the other photos at the top, something is definitely off with Nicki’s drumstick proportions.