Derrick Rose Expecting First Child With Mieka Blackman … Ex Girlfriend is Pissed

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Chicago Bulls stars signed a phat contract this year and decided to start a family. Supposedly, His Ex Girlfriend is entirely pissed over the news. 

Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose, 23 is going to be a father come this fall. His girlfriend Mieka Blackman Reese, a 24 year old hair stylist is pregnant with Rose’ first child after dating for four years. 

Due in October the baby will live in a 3,102 sq ft condo located on the 84th floor of the luxurious Trump Tower in Chicago, Il.  Derrick purchased the place for $2.8 million just last month after signing a $94.8 Million contract extension with the Bulls and closing a $260 Million endorsement deal with Reebok..  

With all that being said we can completely understand why D Rose’s high school sweetheart would be completely devastated by this news.

According to a source,  Dana Lambert isn’t giving up unless he decides he wants to put his name on it.. It meaning a ring on his current chicks finger..  Dana still feels as though she has a chance and that Rose will always love her.   But another source says that Rose has no intentions of renewing a love contract with his ex girlfriend..

Rose with ex girlfriend Dana and Her Twin Sister Dona With Michael Jordan’s son

Poor girl,, I’d be sick with it too. But she’s in the circle now.. She can get another NBA baller.. You know how they LOVE leftovers..