Allen Iverson Presents Game Ball at Sixers Game, Nobody Wanted Him To Leave The Court

I once ran a contest on my Facebook page.. I posted that whoever could guess my favorite word in basketball would win a phone call from me…   I thought it was a pretty easy contest.. However, no one guessed it.. My favorite word in basketball is “Practice.”

Who can ever forget that one time that Allen Iverson said Practice like 22 times in one interview..  

Allen Iverson with his corn rows and tattoos was the bad boy of the NBA.. He often missed scheduled practices cause he thought he was too good to practice..  Allen constantly stayed in trouble no matter which team he was on.. He was given chance after chance until the NBA said no more.

Now Allen plays ball overseas and I often wonder will they ever restore him back to the NBA.  Black Sports Online told me when hell freezes over.. most likely not Rob said..

Although his NBA career may never be restored, it was a beautiful day in Philadelphia yesterday.. Retired 76rs star Allen Iverson entered the game court amidst cheers.  The  man with the Answers received a warm welcome home from the entire stadium. 

Before the 76ers and Celtics took the floor in Philadelphia for Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series, Allen Iverson slipped into a home jersey. However, his familiar No. 3 wasn’t stitched on the crisp white uniform. Nor was it his name on the back.

The 36-year-old was sporting a replica jersey at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday night, bearing the name and number of Sixers guard Lou Williams, who wasn’t yet in high school when Iverson earned NBA MVP honors for his dominance during the 2000-01 season.

With the 76ers facing elimination in Game 6, the Answer was back in Philadelphia to deliver the game ball. He took the floor — decked out like a fan

The entire stadium erupted in cheers and applause for the fallen star.  Iverson  cupped his ear encouraging the fans to get louder.  A man who was and still is a great player walked out onto the court reminiscing on the love he used to receive in that city of brotherly love on each game day.

His stay on the court was brief but you could see the sadness in his eyes, Allen wanted to stay on the court.. The fans wanted Iverson to stay on the court. The refs wanted Iverson to stay on the court. The coaches wanted Iverson to stay on the court.  That’s where he belongs..  Iverson is the people’s choice and no matter what he did wrong he remains in our hearts. It doesn’t seem right for him to not to be there playing his heart out.

Unfortunately A.I. messed up and there is no fixing it (they say)..  So just like Iverson, all his fans can really do is reminisce on the good times when a bad boy nicknamed “The Answer” ruled the court with his corn rolls and  smooth moves.

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During the game Iverson said he accepted that he will probably never get his NBA career back.

I still feel bad for Iverson.. DO YOU?

Perhaps it’s time to give A.I. another chance..