Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Courtside

Kanye & Kim relished over the weekend as the ultimate attention whoring couple.

Kimye sat courtside in Los Angeles at the Lakers vs. The Denver Nuggets game.

 This two-some would love to be like Beyonce & big brother Jay Z. Yeezy even rocked timbs to the game like Jay would.

It was all eyes on them as the two enjoyed the basketball game.  Kim even made fake efforts to try to cover her boobs up, while Yeezy enjoyed the game. The two love attention so much they even became excited when they saw themselves on the Jumbo Megatron up above.

Although the couple has still not officially confirmed that they are indeed seeing each other, even Stevie Wonder can see these two are definitely together or at least being “Lovers & Friends”

Almost funny how Yeezy comes in the game rapping “Jesus Walks” to parading around with the biggest whore in the game.. Christians need good head too…. I guess.