50 Cent Makes Peace With The Talk Show Queen on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ (VIDEO)

50 Cent Finally Gets To Meet Oprah Winfrey

Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson had one of his biggest dreams come true last night when he sat on the couch to talk to a woman who repeatedly denounced the use of the N-word and the degradation of women in hip-hop as a whole in addition to refusing to interview rappers on her famous talk show..

50 gave Oprah a warm hug when she knocked on his grandparents’ door to conduct their candid one-on-one interview, during which they discussed the rapper’s difficult childhood, respect for his grandmother and goal to feed 1 billion starving people through his Street King movement.

“This is a milestone for me, just being in your presence and on the show,” 50 said.

50  voiced his issues with Oprah Winfrey in the past and during his interview with the media giant last evening, he got the opportunity to tell her all about them. The ‘P.I.M.P’ rapper guested on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’  Sunday evening.  He gave Oprah an explantion for naming his dog after her.

“I heard you had a bitch named Oprah, that’s what I heard,” Winfrey said, confronting the rapper in an awkward but endearing situation.

“I love you,” 50 responded sheepishly, also joking that he has a cat named Gayle, just like Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King.

In addition to the awkward moments where 50 Cent and Oprah discussed their temporary feud, the former also talked about the murder of his mother; a topic that moved him to tears. Moreover, he shared his mantras for success and his passion to achieve greatness.

During the sit-down, Oprah saw a different side of the MC that she couldn’t get by listening to his music alone. 50 Cent described the difference between his rap persona and Curtis Jackson.

“I’ve always had to be two people,” he said. “I’ve had to be my grandmother’s baby in the house and be more like what people perceive 50 Cent as outside. I’m not even allowed to curse around her.”

Watch 50 Cent’s segment on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ below:

Poor Oprah, She’s been reduced to interviewing gangster rappers.. Good Job 50 Cent!!