Ann Curry FIRED from TODAY’S Show, But Defiantly Goes On Air Anyway

YOU CAN’T FIRE ANN mthfkn CURRY!! Or at least that is how Curry was feeling this morning.

Hours after news surfaced that she would be fired next month as co-host of NBC’s Today show, Ann Curry wasn’t even expected at work.

Reports surfaced Wednesday afternoon that Curry, who took over the anchor chair June 9, 2011, would be removed from her spot as Matt Lauer’s cohost.


Ann chilling on the couch next to Lauer like nothing happened. Meanwhile her fellow employee looks at her like “the audacity of this bish.”

The New York Times reported that NBC executives were preparing for Curry not to show up on Thursday.
On Wednesday it was reported she would be gone from her role before the Summer Olympics begin July 27. NBC has the rights to air the Olympics and the whole show will be anchored from London.

On Wednesday, Today show producers contacted Hoda Kotb, who co-hosts the fourth hour of the program, and told her to be ready to go on the air at 7am.

But Curry, who reportedly makes $2 million a year, was there, acting like normal.

‘Good morning Twitterverse,’ she tweeted to her 1.2 million followers on Thursday. As soon as she sat down on the couch she let it be known that she was not to be played with.

‘Good morning. From hot to hotter. You thought yesterday was a scorcher? In many places in the East today, it’s going to get even hotter,’ she said at the opening of the show.

Curry has taken the blame from many at NBC for the Today show’s ratings decline. The program lost the top spot among network morning shows this spring, a position it had held, unbroken, since 1995.

Negotiations are currently underway with network executives to move Curry into a new job, likely as a foreign correspondent.

But, she’s apparently not leaving without a fight.

‘She got her dream job, and she doesn’t want to let it go,’ a source told the Times. 


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