Evelyn Lozada Feeling Blessed & Leaving Basketball Wives?

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Evelyn Lozada, star of VH1’s popular reality television show “Basketball Wives,” is feeling blessed for having another opportunity to show the world who she is after overcoming public outrage due to her behavior, and is questioning her return to the popular series.

Lozada, 36, is gearing up to star in her new reality television spinoff show that will serve as a prelude to her marriage to NFL player Chad Ochocinco. After receiving backlash for her violent personality on “Basketball Wives” and publicly apologizing for them, the reality television star recently said she is blessed for the opportunity to star in “Ev and Ocho” which is set to debut on VH1 in September.

“It’s unfortunate the world doesn’t get to see every side, but I’m also so thankful that you know God blessed me with another show, which is the ‘Ev & Ocho’ show, cause you get to see a totally different person of Evelyn,” the reality television star told radio personality Egypt Sherrod recently. “You get to see what I’m really like, so I’m happy about that.”

Although Evelyn and her behavior was the reason for a petition against the Basketball Wives franchise and her Spin off Ev and Ocho show she was not one of the 3 members who were recently fired from the show.

Still  Lozada can’t say for certain whether she’ll return for season 5 of “Basketball Wives ”due to currently filming Ev & Ocho which will curtail her upcoming Fourth of July wedding.

Fans believed she was going to work on both shows, Evelyn’s not so sure.

“You know, I honestly don’t know because we don’t know what the cast is going to look like,” Evelyn told radio host Egypt Sherrod. “Negotiations start I think August, September.”

Ev wouldn’t exactly confirm the rumors that jennifer, Kesha and Royce were cut from the show but she did however reveal that their storylines may have gotten a bit boring and repetiive as the reasoning behind thier pink slips.

She told Egypt:

“That wasn’t really confirmed just yet. You know I heard the same thing,” said Evelyn, who reasoned why it might be true. “After a while, your storyline starts becoming repetitive. People get bored. I open up all aspects of my life so you see me happy, sad, you know. You see everything about me, but certain cast members don’t open up like that, or can’t due to legal reasons.”

It was Evelyn opening up about her relationship with Chad Ochocinco that helped secure her a separate TV series. Viewers watched as the couple flirted via the Internet and eventually met and fell in love.

What fans didn’t get the opportunity to witness the proposal but she talked about that less than romantic proposal with Yahoo.

“[He] never did the one knee … I was with somebody for 10 years, was engaged twice in that relationship,” she explained. “I had all that.”

Evelyn and Chad are expected to walk down the aisle on the weekend of July 4, and viewers are wondering whether she will invite Jennifer, since the two reconciled during the season 4 reunion show.

“Me and Jennifer, we are cordial. I will just make a long story short. After the reunion, we had a brief conversation via email. I told her that that moment on the reunion show was real for me. I didn’t want her to think that I was just doing something for reality TV or just to have a moment,” Evelyn said. “You know there’s a lot going on, legal; things become sticky, and you kind of have to just take things one day at a time. So I wish her the best.”

Same rumor.. New Year..