Child Abuse – Jacole Prince Locked Her 10 Year Old Daughter In Closet For Years

Jacole Prince was unaware that products called Proactive & Clearasil existed at the time of her child abuse arrest.

KANSAS CITY, MO.  —  A 10-year-old girl who couldn’t stop peeing on herself was found locked in a bedroom closet in Kansas over the weekend.   Her mom Jacole Prince, 29 who is currently in custody on a $200,000 cash bond, is charged with child abuse, child endangerment and assault.

Missouri Department of Family Services received a tip on their hotline about a girl living in a closet.

A social services worker said there should be three children at the home. But neighbors insisted, “No, we have lived here for several years, and she only has two daughters that stay here, and we have never seen the other girl, but we heard she stays with the father or an aunt,” the probable cause statement said.  Two women told the officers that the mother had left about 20 minutes earlier with two girls, whom they described as “clean and well fed,

When DFS and Kansas City Police entered the home on Friday morning,  they found a portable crib pushed up against a bedroom closet, which was tied closed. The officers asked if anyone was inside, and a child’s voice answered “yes,” the probable cause statement said.

They opened the closet which reeked of urine to find the girl severely malnourished and living in her own feces.  The little girl said her mom had taken her  two younger sisters, 3 and 8,  out for breakfast but didn’t take her because “she messes herself.”

The girl — identified  as “LP” was immediately taken to a hospital where she later  explained to police her appalling living conditions. According to court records, she had no room and no bed and was rarely allowed to leave the closet. And she regularly went for days without food.

The girl told detectives that her mother puts her in the closet “a lot,” and that she “does not want to go back home anymore.” The girl also said she gets in trouble “because she keeps peeing on herself” and her mother will “punch her on her back real hard,” according to the probable cause statement.

Prosecutors say she weighed 32 pounds and was wearing a 2T shirt suited for a toddler. Her pants, a 4T, sagged on LP’s tiny frame.

The mother kept the child in the closet for years. The child was seen professionally at Children’s Mercy Hospital in 2006 and weighed 26 lbs, meaning she only added 6 lbs during what would normally be 6 years of significant growth.

The mother was arrested later Friday and the two younger children were placed in protective custody. The mother told police she doesn’t let the 10-year-old leave the house because she knows the girl is malnourished and would “get in trouble if someone saw her.”

And if that’s not enough, the trifling bish posted an image on Facebook  on July 4, 2010 of, presumably, herself holding a child  with the following comment:

“Can u vote for my baby at Great American Photo Contest.”

The mother’s boyfriend, who is not the girl’s father and hasn’t been charged, said he hadn’t seen the girl in about a year. He said that when he asked about her, the mother told him she was with her aunt or in her room because she was in trouble. He said he never knew the mother put the girl in the closet or “he would have done something about it.”


I can’t imagine having a child who constantly pee’s on themselves.. It has to be quite frustrating. But to starve a child, punch them and lock them in the closet in their own feces… The things some parents do to their child is unimaginable. How can you care for two kids and be heartless when it comes to the next one. I often wonder if these people suffer from mental disorders. Like is a piece of their brain missing or maybe their heart just wasn’t made like the rest of ours.