Meagan Good Chats With DJ Whoo Kid About “Touring” With G-Unit and Being Friends With Khloe Kardashian


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Nine years ago Khloe Kardashian, Meagan Good and DJ Whoo kid were all on a tour bus riding around the country with G-Unit..

They hadn’t quite made it yet but the friends had a ball during that time period.

Meagan is friends with Khloe… That explains a few things... O_0

Recently, Meagan called into the Whoo Kid show to discuss their tour bus days, her beauty techniques and  her experiencing working with Kevin Hart in the “Think Like A Man” movie.

Good who also worked with Hart in the movie 35 and Ticking” (hilarious movie. must see. )

Good says that her experiences in the industry have taught her that she can love people but  can’t trust everyone..

But when it comes to thinking like a man the 30-year-old actress says  it’s ok to think like one but just don’t run around acting like one says Good.

“It’s good for women to think like a man and they have to use their brains to know how to maneuver it so that it doesn’t come off differently. When thinking like a man don’t think that u r a man.. cause you are mother earth you have to love and respect yourself.”

She continued:

Think like a man is one thing and i’m all for that because that’s blessed me but you can’t be running around acting like a man. It’s kind of a double standard but it’s more so about a mentality versus what people may or may not have to say.

The two were on the air reminiscing about the good ole days.

Whoo Kid kept laughing and calling Megan “Moist” during the interview and asked her in the beginning if it was okay for him to refer to her as moist. Although he claims he was referring to her nice skin..  Megan and Khloe weren’t on that tour bus as singers, rappers, rappers or back up dancers but they were obviously performing off stage.. Hopefully that preacher of her’s doesn’t catch the drift I caught..

She goes on to discuss all the celebs who used to party together before they came up like Jada Pinkett, Pac, Heavy D, Tyson Beckford and more.


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