Trey Songz: Self Magazine Gives The Man Who ReInvented Sex 14 Pages Not Sess

Self Magazine paired the hottest R&B singer”, Trey Songz, with a lovely model named Eve); dressed them in some BS and hit up L.A.’s coolest spot, Chateau Marmont.

The theme isn’t sexy at all but we are talking about Trey Songz.. It’s sexy anyway.  Shoot is hella cornballish. They reinvented him all wrong. (sad face) But I guess it gives Trey a “down to earth” look that helps humanize celebrities..

I really don’t have a desire to purchase a magazine just to see Trey Songz looking average.. If you say you are King I want to see you looking Kingly at all times.. I can walk outside to see someone dressed this bad. And just think they decided to give him 14 pages of this…  Wake me up when sexy Trey comes back.  Sex sells always.. Give me Sexy Trey anyday.. Not that ninja with no socks and the highwaters on..

Check Out the Photos and Behind The scenes footage below: