Charlamagne Tha God Got Jumped Outside Radio Station [VIDEO]

The expression on his face though!! LOL

It looks like Charlamagne Tha God got World Starred this morning.  Last week Charlamagne was on his way into Power 105 to host his popular Breakfast Club radio show when a fan approached him asking him to do a drop (shout out).  The God wasn’t in the mood so he declined suggesting that the gentleman might try again at a later date.

Normally that would be the end of it.. But not in this particular case.

The guy went home steaming mad over the rejection and came up with the genius idea to World Star Charlamagne.  Yesterday morning the drop requestor returned to the radio station to sneak up on C.T.G. ..  But this time he brought a few friends and had nothing  but violence in mind.  They tried to circle around Char to jump him, but they go one lick in before  he hauled azz on them in his shell toe Adidas.

Charlamagne told the story during his Donkey Of The Day segment and tweeted about the incident too.

N-ggas try to jump me in front of the radio station this morning. Video cameras rolling and all. LMAO. Nice try. 5 on 1.

That wasn’t so smart to try to jump me this morning in the midst of all this so called beef. Who do you think they going to look at?

Waiting on this video of these 4 old heads trying to jump me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, all you going to see is me hauling ass…..

Old Heads really tried to Worldstar me this morning tho. I had on Adidas shell toes you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t going to run out them sh-t

It comes with the territory tho especially in Hip Hop if you speak your mind people will react, sometimes it gets physical, that’s the game.

This sh-t ain’t wrestling, I mean it kind of is because n-ggas is pulling out cameras everywhere but it’s still real life.

Of course the video showed up on WSHH this morning.  ‘All I wanted was a drop! He disrespected so he got Dropped!!’,  are the opening words on the screen before showing footage of them running up and slapping C The God.

Drama seems to follow C around lately as it was just last week when he got into a bout with Busta Rhymes at Steve Rifkins pre-BET Awards party. According to reports, the two almost came to blows after Busta approached Charlamagne about something he may have said while co-hosting Wendy Williams radio show years ago.


They serious about these drops!!!

Charlamagne talks about the incident on Power 105.1fm

Hilarious how C The God dipped off on em in his shell toes..  But the expression on his face is priceless. Funkmaster Flex is definitely going to have a field day with this.


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