Gabrielle Union On How Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Hurt Her Career [VIDEO]

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Gabrielle Union recently did an interview with T.T. Torrez down in Miami at the Radio One Fest.  During this interview Gabby spoke of the drama that still looms over the relationship she has with Dwayne Wade..  As you may know Wade went through a very nasty divorce and custody battle with his ex wife Siohvaughn Funches.. Most recently Wade had Siovaughn arrested.

One thing that everyone noticed is that Gabby never spoke out against Siovaughn or defended herself against the nasty rumors Sio put out there about Gabby stealing her husband.   Gabby still maintains her innocenc in the situation but now claims the situation had a negative impact on her career.

Union refused to protect her image and career through all the madness of her boyfriend, D. Wade’s, divorce. Gabby has spent years building her career and her brand and refused to let anyone take it away from her.

Hear Gabrielle Union’s side of the story in this exclusive interview at Radio One Fest in Miami by T.T. Torrez.

Now Gabby isn’t totally innocent in this situation but of course she has to claim innocense for the sake of the public who often times do not understand that relationships simply come to and end and it’s time to move on.   I mean given the option of your sappy looking high school sweetheart/baby mama with no life other than the kids put against some glamorous, well known black actress with her own fame and money.. That was like taking candy from a baby for Gabby.. At the same time you really can’t help who you fall in love with. 

I wonder if Wade is annoyed by Gabby always having to insert that she has her own money in every interview.  With a net worth of $12 Million she has done quite well for herself. D Wade is worth 60 Million.   Lovely couple.. Hope they get married..