Jessica Simpson is No Beyonce, She Going Through Hell and High Water to Lose Her Baby Fat


Jessica Simpson on a recent cover of the gossip magazine “Star” about her weight issues

Jessica Simpson came on the scene  in the late 90s during the MTV pop explosion.  She was the exact package for  the mass pop crowd;  blonde , thin, and young, which made her a success.  Everything changed in 2006, when she announced her divorce to Nick Lachey.  Rumors claims the split had much to do with their MTV reality show “ Newly Weds: Nick and Jessica“  both had denied the rumors . Jessica is known more now for her fashion line and weight  issues , and less for her music.  Some believe that her weight issues  is a main reason why her music career took a toll.

Jessica Simpson has been struggling with her weight for the last four years.  It has reached a peak , since the birth of her  first-born , two months ago. Shes weighing in at over 180, the most she ever weighed.  Reports claims  that it is taking a toll on Simpson, she going through all means to take it off, especially before her wedding to the father of her child Eric Johnston ( I know,  sounds like a brother, but hes white !! )

She has been trying to take off  the 70 pounds she gained during her pregnancy. Unfortunately all this has to be under the constant media attention and public scrutiny. Jessica has also decided to do a Jennifer Hudson, and go to Weight Watchers, which she has signed a $4 million dollar contract to lose 70 pounds.  Some believe Weight Watchers  is pressuring Jessica to lose 70 pounds before her 1 year mark, which is agreed to in her contract…Simpson decided to go to her twitter page to smash the rumors she tweeted

“Weight Watchers hasn’t put ANY pressure on me!”

Jessica is like every woman who still have to wear their maternity clothing months after giving birth, they all at some point struggle to get the weight off,  if they even get it off.  Unlike Beyonce, who lost the weight faster then Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage some even question if she gave birth to  Blue Ivy or hired a surrogate.

Whatever the case is for Jessica, I wish her luck in her mission. Her main focus should be on her newborn, not trying to get to a weight size that the public feels she needs to be at.  At the end of the day she can still scream to the haters “Im Rich Bitch”