Wealthy NBA Player Joe Johnson Suing His Baby Mama For Child Support

Brooklyn Net’s guard Joe Johnson has had it up to here with his baby mama.  Every since the  $126 Million dollar NBA player broke things off with Shannon Beckton she has been getting on his second to his last nerves. 

According to reports, the two met while Joe played for the Atlanta Hawks.  Shannon worked at Magic City as a struggling stripper under the name of ‘Wynter’.


Wynter gave Joe one hell of a lap dance and shortly after moved into his luxurious Atlanta home and eventually became pregnant. 

Once Joe got a new contract he decided to upgrade to a younger more attractive looking chick.  Of course that hurt Shannon who is the mother of his alleged 5-year-old son. (a paternity blood test has yet to be taken) So Shannon decided to make his life difficult. But Pro Joe is not having it.

To get back at her Joe is suing his ex for PATERNITY and CHILD SUPPORT and he wants legal custody of the kid if it’s his.

The All-Star guard filed paternity paperwork earlier this week in Georgia to legally establish himself as the father of his alleged 5-year old son, whose mother is named Shannon Beckton.

Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

In the docs, Johnson says he still wants to test for DNA (just in case) … but if he is the father, he is asking the judge for joint physical and legal custody, for his son to be able to inherit from him, and for his son to take on his last name.

Not only that — Johnson says Beckton should be held responsible for some of the financial support of the child as well … so the burden doesn’t rest solely on his multi-million dollar shoulders.

Where the phuck do they do that at? Sometimes, you have to feel like judges should have the power to slap the ish out of someone..


This ninja right here deserves to be slapped

* She must be taking him back and forth to child support court and he’s giving her a taste of her own medicine.. That’s the only way this makes sense..  Either that or he’s suffering from a severe case of bishazzness.