Lil Wayne Pictured Sleep In Bed After Sex With Groupie ;The Groupie Speaks Out


Lookie Lookie , Someone got caught with their pants down….. Apparently Lil Wayne don’t know the #1 Rule of the – 10 Hood commandments -, about Groupie Love… Never allow yourself to fall a sleep, to allow the busy body, who is full of  adrenaline after having sex to 1 of the worlds biggest hip hop artists , to gather PROOF!!

Oh My,  Lil Wayne with over three baby mamas, and a current  “So Call”  finance who is carrying his seed, you would think he would learn, but  Apparently not.

Somehow, photos were released of the rapper after having sex with , Princess Saralyn   a.k.a a groupie , who pretends to be an aspiring something, I think model,  but we all know she is Aspiring for gold”

The picture shows Lil Wayne sleep in bed after sexing the Aspiring person. I guess he is working on bringing more babies in the world, by another different female.  Whatever happen to Dhea, the alleged girlfriend, fiance, and current babymama..

Princess Saralyn, pretended to be all upset about the pictures being released and took to her twitter page to express her pretended outrage.. Come on we all know she sent the pictures to blogs…  Princess tweeted

“Woke up to craziness… He loves a small town girl with that big city swag,” the model tweeted.

“If you want to post me on the front page, you should come to me and not your TACKY source.”

“Way too much to tweet but I’ll say this it wasn’t a ‘groupie situation’ at all. Lol.”

“It’s between me and Wayne actually, but I would never send anything to blogs. Whoever did is lame.”

Let It Go, Flow, and Grow. Please learn from this people,  don’t allow yourself to become a victim.


Lil Wayne & Girlfriend Dhea[nggallery id=312]