Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 3 [FULL SHOW VIDEO]

On Episode 3 of Love & Hip Hop  Atlanta K. Michelle did her thing showcasing her beautiful voice with the assistance of Brian Michael Cox.  I find her voice completely amazing..  Her voice reminds me of Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.. So powerful. She’s able to pull out all of her pain from deep within and showcase the songbird that she is.

Now on to the phuckery…

Mimi while sitting in the audience at K. Michelle’s showcase,  got hit with another bomb that Stevie J slept with another woman in the audience and that woman was not who you would expect..  Of course once again it was Karlie who relayed this information. Karlie is like Susie from Basketball Wives.

Meanwhile  Scappy’s baby mama Erika gets into it with Stevie J.  (That’s not real) Joseline tells Stevie J she wants half (that’s not real)

The funniest part of the episode is when Stevie agrees with MiMi that she’s running things.. LOL MiMi ain’t running ish but she definitely tries to hold it together when Joseline sits down with her and tells her she’s pregnant by Stevie J..  MiMi was cool, calm and collective until Stevie J walks into the meeting holding the pregnancy stick and confirms that he has been having sex with Joseline.  (that’s not real)

Later, Joseline claims that  Stevie told her if she tells anyone that they’re having sex her career is over with.. But if that’s true why would she suddenly tell it on national tv..

MiMi claims she kicked Stevie J out of the bedroom (that’s not real)  What’s real on this show? Nothing and nobody but K. Michelle..

Although interesting, nothing about this show makes sense other then Mona Scott wrote the story up. You can not tell me that MiMi really sits around and lets herself get embarassed like this on national tv.  This is far more embarassing than any other storyline I’ve ever seen.. Almost worse than Tiger Woods..

I talked to one of my industry friends about it and he says it’s all real and the people are just reacting certain ways becaue the camera is around.  But I don’t beieve it.. This has to be scripted..

And Erica.. Scrappy is on probation why would you go and run and tell that man that Stevie J called you a Bitch? Why? Then his own mama tells Scrappy to go and check Stevie O_O.   Nothing makes sense to me.

Stevie J decided to get some balls and tell Joseline to watch how she talks to him after she called him a piece of shit..  I remember I used to call my ex that all of the time.. SMH

Anyway watch the beloved phuckery below: