Tyrese Reveals He Gave A Fan a “Open Invitation” For Some Sexual Healing

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Yesterday I posted an article about groupie love and what they will do to get a piece of a athlete.. Singer Tyrese recently chopped it up with The Boom Box where he revealed he had some sexual healing with a fan and she had it all planned, starting with practicing on her boyfriend. 

You have a track on Open Invitation called “Walk (A Poem For My Fans).” What has been the most surreal fan experience that you’ve had?

I’m going to be honest and say that women are very aggressive, and I think most male figures that have female fans that certain women say is sexy, attractive or whatever, we deal with a different type of attention from women. Without sounding self-consumed, I will say that one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had with a woman was after we finished rubbing bodies, she said to me, “I already knew what I was going to do to you before I even got here. This was well thought out. I’ve been with my man for five years, we just broke up, and I used to practice on him before I got to you.” I called that pre-meditated sexual healing.

I think a lot of times — I mean, even me as a man, I think certain women are very sexy and attractive, and have the most ridiculous bodies ever, and as a man, you can’t stop yourself from thinking of things that you would do to that woman if you had an opportunity to — that’s just what fantasizing is, but it was very weird to have her to say that to me after we finished. So it was like you just planned this whole thing out, huh? You showed up to the concert, wearing that dress, knowing what your intentions were. I thought that was pretty interesting. But I appreciate her … in a major way. That was a good night — fan appreciation.

Whatever you believe you can achieve… That girl thought her some Black Ty into reality!

LAWD.. THAT HAD TO BE GOOD.. Ladies do you fantasize about certain celebrities? Men, we already know you do.

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