Watch Full Documentary of ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Broke” (Video)

brokeESPN’s 30 for 30 “Broke” features amazing athletes who rose to great heights of money and fame and then suddenly found themselves back at the bottom again.. From Andre Rison, Jamal Mashburn, Cliff Floyd, Bernie Kosar to Keith McCants, each athlete details the life from literally going from the bottom to the top over night.

Often times we use the term “sick to my stomach” on a random basis..  This particular time it’s not random.. Watching this video with all of these ex professional athletes who squandered off millions and millions of dollars through frivolous spending and bad investments literally made me sick to my stomach..

This 1 hour and 19 minute video features athletes from Andre rison to Jamal Mashburn.. If nothing else their story serves as a warning to future athletes who suddenly find their self going from the bottom to the top all in one day.

It should be noted though that a lot of these players have kind hearts and were just taken advantage of by opportunistic people with bad intentions.  The rest of them… They just ignant.  The most important sentence from this video was “It’s an opportunity, Not a career”

Watch the video below

And after going through all that the women they took care of leave them when the money is gone.. SAD.  That was one depressing video..