Mother Of Armed Robber Doesn’t Blame Officer For Shooting Her Son

largerCHICAGO, IL — Tonia Stevens lost her 16-year-old son Deonta Dewight Mackey, Monday night in a car robbery gone wrong. He was shot and killed after attempting to car jack an off-duty Chicago police officer.  While we so often hear of mothers blame everyone except their child and claim their child can do no wrong Tonia Stevens says just the opposite. She said she wanted her son “to go the straight route,” but he’d been in trouble with the law for years, so she does not blame the officer for shooting her son.

deonate-mackey shot

Deonta  Mackey died after pulling out a gun on an off-duty Cook County Sheriff’s sergeant while the officer was pumping gas at a Citgo on the South Side.

His mother told a CBS 2 news correspondent that she doesn’t blame the officer.

“To the correctional officer. I don’t have no hate in my heart, for what he did,” Stevens said.. “He was out doing a criminal act.”

Surveillance video shows Mackey holding the sergeant up at gunpoint and demanding his wallet during an attempted car-jacking.


“I did the best I could for him. I wanted him to go the straight route. He was just determined to go and hang, with this crowd,” said Stevens.

Stevens says her son had been in trouble with the law since the age of eleven for everything from assault to cannabis possession and robbery. She also says a 2010 battle with meningitis, a bacterial brain infection, nearly killed the 16-year-old and changed his behavior completely.

Just  Thursday, Deonta finished a month-long house arrest for an alleged robbery. Four days later, he was out committing the same type of crime all over again. This time it was caught on tape..

Watch the video below:

My condolences on the passing of her son.. However I commend her for being a mother who speaks honestly about her child’s character. We have all seen many women claim how their child can not do no wrong and blame their victims instead.