SWV Reunited Episode 5, LeLee Dates Farrah Gray & Gets Her Tip Drill On

farrah gray and lelee Farrah Gray appeared on last night’s episode of “SWV Reunited.” On Episode 5 “Courtdate” viewers watched SWV member LeLee, who recently got a Brazilian butt lift, literally act an ass out on a date with Farrah.

After a few shots at Coyote Ugly, some priming from her fellow group member and casting out much of her inhibitions (if she had any) Leanne “LeLee” Lyons, 40 hopped right on the bar to show the 28-year-old motivational speaker/celebrity entrepreneur what she was working with.

Lee Lee and Farrah Gray

After the initial shock of watching LeLee guzzle down shot after shot, the self-made millionaire quickly joined in on the fun pulling out hundred dollar bills to stuff in LeLee’s pockets..

Farrah Gray SWV show

That Look on his face though!

Farrah Gray SWV

Obviously the man was feeling like it would be absolutely rude not to tip a stripper.

After revealing her true self and getting her tip drill on the date ended nicely and Farrah said he was looking forward to a second date.. However, LeLee seemed kind of disappointed that he was “a perfect gentleman” and didn’t try to sleep with her.. Apparently she wanted to put that new butt lift to good use.  According to LeLee’s WETV blog she claims her drink was nasty, but you would never know that by the way she guzzled them down.

“My date with that fine, young ass Farrah Gray went great. I hate that place we went to though, but it was cool considering the time. I don’t even drink at all, but I felt like being a team player. After that drink, I’m glad I’m not a drinker. The nastiest stuff on earth! “

swv reunited full episode show

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On a sidenote, I watched LeLee talk on the Bethany show and she’s been through some very rough patches in her life. From being homeless to comtemplating suicide.. She told Bethany: “I was very depressed. I mean I got to the point where I was just going to end my life. It was that bad. If I couldn’t have, what I had before, if I couldn’t have SWV and be who I was, as the world knew me as, I wanted to die.”

Now that the group is back on the path to success, LeLee seems to have a very playful spirit.. Awesome!