Embarrassed Groupie Claims She’s Going To Sue 2 Chainz Over ‘#IsThatYoThot’ Video

2 chain groupie video tinaaA young, lost woman by the name of  Tinaa (her spelling, not mine) who is being labeled as a groupie, claims she’s going to sue rapper 2 Chainz after he and his entourage put her on front street in a recent video blog called #IsThisYoTHOT.

The video which went viral after being posted on WSHH shows Tinaa thirsting very patiently as she attempts to get backstage to hang out with some rapper named Cap 1 at a recent 2 Chainz concert..

They tricked the poor girl…  Once they got her backstage the camera started rolling and the foolery began..  Tinaa who is very used to cuddling up to celebrities for photo ops had no idea that this time she would be the star.

Once they allowed her backstage, the shenanigans began. 2 Chainz’s entourage cackled as he pretended to find an owner for the stray groupie. Cap 1, who admitted he “saw” her on Instagram, passed on the offering saying, “Nah, I’m straight.”

2 Chainz finally offered Tinaa a way out by advising her to leave because her desperation was being filmed for a blog.

I think you should go that way. Because while you’re back here, you’re in blog territory.

After it sank in, Tinaa began to promote herself by giving out her Instagram handle. But, she still wasn’t trying to leave. She tried small talking with 2 Chainz telling him how great his performance was. The bodyguard had to literally tell her “Go on and walk out the door baby. Baby, listen to me, just walk out the door” before she finally admitted defeated and walked out the exit.

The day the video premiered Tinaa immediately deleted her instagram account and started a new one.. Apparently she wanted to hide her old groupieism photos and re-emerge as a socialite instead..  The new account boasts various photos with celebrities. 

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