Michigan Woman Dead 6 Years Discovered In Her Own Garage

dead-woman-garagePia Farrenkopf, a Michigan woman who was missing for six years, was found in the garage of her home and no one knew that she was there, reports

According to neighbors, Farrenkopf was a frequent traveler so her absence wasn’t suspicious. Her bills, including her mortgage were paid through auto-pay and her neighbors kept her grass cu.

It wasn’t until the $54,000 in savings ran out causing the bank to foreclose on her home, after months of non-payment, that a contractor sent to make repairs discovered Farrenkopf’s mummified body in the car in her garage.

Pia was in the backseat of her Jeep with the key was still in the ignition, turned to the off position. The body was clothed in a heavy jacket and jeans, leading investigators to believe that it was winter when she died. The key was in the ignition, but it was switched to the off position.

“She had $54,000 in her account, and her bills were being deducted,” said Oakland County Michigan Undersheriff Mike McCabe to explain why Farrenkopf wasn’t missed. “I’ve been doing this 37 years, never seen anything like this before.”

Farrenkopf’s sister said that the times she would call the phone just rang, so she hung up.

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McCabe says neighbors chalked up the woman’s absences to her returning to Germany for long periods of time.

Despite years without a living owner, the house was never broken into, he said.

Another neighbor, Darryl Tillery, told the Detroit Free Press that mail never piled up at the house and the lawn never grew out of order. McCabe said one of the neighbors cut the grass for years.

‘It was pretty manicured,’ he told the Detroit Free Press. ‘There was no indication there was a body in there, at all.’

Sister_of_victim_found_dead_in_car_suspe_1397630002_3333833_ver1.0_640_480Come to find out her mail was being forwarded to a P.O. Box..  Pia also had a non existent fitness business that was located at a place that would be a strip mall, but a strip mall didn’t exist..  Her sister feels that foul play is definitely involved..  

“I think there was foul play. I think someone might have been in that garage,” said Paula Logan about the mysterious death of her sister Pia Farrenkopf.


Although The outside of the home was fairly well maintained,  a black mold had taken over inside the home.

Police were dispatched to the house for a welfare check in 2007 after a neighbor reported not having seen the owner in a while. After seeing no signs of anything amiss, police went on their way, McCabe said.

Authorities are still waiting for a toxicology report, which will take four to six weeks, before determining the cause of death. The medical examiner found no signs of trauma to the body, McCabe said.

Dr. Bernardino Pacris, the county deputy medical examiner who conducted the autopsy, told the Detroit Free Press that the woman’s skin was still intact, but that the internal organs had decomposed.

Pacris told the newspaper that during the mummification process, skin develops a parchment-like consistency and leathery texture. Finding a body in such a condition is unusual, he said, but “once in a while, we see this.”

Edward Caroll, Farrenkopf’s stepfather, said that Farrenkopf didn’t answer the wedding invitation that they sent when he married her mother three years ago.

“I tried to find her through the internet and everything and I never could find her.  And I wrote a letter a couple times and I think some of them came back,” he told WXYZ.  “Her mother hadn’t heard from her for years and years.  A lot of her children, in fact, her oldest child, she hadn’t seen her probably in 30 years,” he said.

A pending autopsy will determine the exact cause of Farrenkopf’s death.

This sounds way too familiar.. A woman in Europe had a documentary done on her after being dead for a few years and no one knew because all of her bills were also auto deducted.

The internet has made people communicate less in person.. We as humans should make it a habit of checking on our loved ones.