Teenager Catches TB From Pet Cat

Human catches diseases from those that they love and now they can also cat things from the pets they love.

Via Daily Mail:

teenager-tb-catA teenager told last night of her horrific ordeal of catching TB from her pet kitten.

In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the world, Jessica Livings was struck down with pneumonia and had to have emergency surgery.

The 19-year-old was later rushed back to hospital in agony for further treatment for severe lung damage.

Another victim suffered the same symptoms of bovine tuberculosis and Jessica’s mother Claire contracted the dormant form of the disease.

It also emerged that a child from the south west caught TB from a pet dog.

The youngster, who was under 10, eventually recovered, but the dog was put down.

It is thought that the pair who caught the disease from a cat did so when cleaning a wound on the pet, which they had taken in only five weeks before.

Jessica said: ‘I lost a stone and half in five weeks, I was very ill and had fevers, cold sweats and hallucinations. I didn’t realise what was real and what wasn’t.’

The kitten, which is thought to have picked up the disease from badgers, has died from the illness.

Thirty-nine people who may have been in contact with infected cats have been offered screening for TB.

Jessica was diagnosed with the disease in October after a vet raised concerns about an outbreak among cats in the Newbury area of Berkshire.

Seven of the nine infected creatures had bite wounds thought to have come during fights with badgers.

Six have been put down or have died and an 18-month-old tabby named Milhouse has vanished.

Jessica is now categorised as being at no risk of passing on TB despite her emergency readmission to the Royal Berkshire Hospital last month.

She is on a nine-month course of antibiotics. She said: ‘I feel much better now, last year was very tough especially because I didn’t know what it was.’

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