FAKE: George Zimmerman sells Trayvon Martin Painting for $ 30,000

george zimmerman trayvon painting

The story was too shocking — even for the person at the center of it. After all, this was the same man who was going to take part in a “celebrity” boxing match. But was he really this despicable of a person to make such a mockery out of the child he murdered..

George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, sold a painting of the hoodie-wearing unarmed 17-year-old for $30,000 in an online auction. The photo of a smiling Zimmerman holding the artwork with “Justice for all” lightly painted in the background is as galling as it is tasteless.

And it’s a fake.

That Zimmerman is painting isn’t real news. His $100,000 eBay sale and the lawsuit with the Associated Press over his use of their photo of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey was real headline news. But upon seeing what was billed Zimmerman’s latest sale I was just hoping this wasn’t true.. In fact I refused to report on it and give Zimmerman anymore shine.. However I’m glad that I went searching.

Robert Zimmerman Jr., George’s brother, responded to the news and set the record straight. 

“If that were true I would denounce it as repulsive myself,” Robert wrote me. “There is no way George would even contemplate disparaging the likeness of Trayvon Martin. Professional digital pot-stirrers are ‘at it again’ and amusing themselves by disrespecting a tragedy.” He added, “The circulation of these fraudulent images puts George in danger. People who believe the stories are rightfully incensed. It appears that is the objective of the parties behind the fabrication of the false news stories and forged art.”

The site featuring the Zimmerman story is called “TheNewsNerd.”  Another satire site that makes up news that innocent people believe without going to do research to verify it.

The following message is listed at the bottom of the site:

The stories are “for entertainment purposes only.” They “are purely satirical.” And they are not funny. Not in the slightest. This particular “story” roiled emotions that ranged from “oh NO he didn’t!” to pure rage. I’m all for good satire, but this was dumb and dangerous.


So there you have it.. It’s not real.  The Zimmerman Trayvon painting is a FAKE.