Kim Kardashian Stalking Beyonce to be in her Wedding??



Beyonce and Kim Kardashian Leaving Lancer Dermatology Clinic on April 12th

Recent rumors claim that Beyonce declined an invitation to be in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s May 24th wedding.

The decline is not sitting well with the future Mrs. West.  Everyone knows that Kim wants to be Beyonce so bad. It’s no surprise that the two would have the same skin specialist. Over the weekend both were spotted visiting the same dermatology clinic at the same time.

The skin specialist Kim and Beyonce visited called Lancer Dermatology is located on Rodeo drive in Hollywood.  The location offers a varies of procedures, which includes laser skin treatment, chemical peels, and facials including skin bleaching (This may not seat well with the claims that Beyonce bleaches her skin).

Kanye may want to get Kim a mental evaluation before he walks down the aisle.  Following Queen Bey to a personal Dermatology appointment trying to get her to be a part of their Wedding is too bizarre and isn’t seating while with me.  But it could just be an appointment overlaps, who knows.

Also reports are circulating that Kim is putting out false reports that her and Kanye’s Vogue cover is selling more copies than Beyonce’s recent cover.


Kanye and Kim Kardashian March 2014 Vogue Cover

Beyonce March 2013 Vogue cover sold over 355,000. According to the New York Post,  Kim and Kanye’s cover is on track to sale an  estimate of between 300,000 and 400,000.


Beyonce March 2013 Vogue Cover

 I blame Kanye for This !!!