MiMi Faust Sex Tape To Be Released By Vivid



Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star MiMi Faust and her boyfriend, Nikko, may have a sex tape floating around Atlanta.

In a move that makes Joseline look like she’s not so bad after all, Mimi herself has confirmed the existence of the tape.

In the newly released “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” supertrailer,  MiMi, Nikko, Stevie and Joseline all confirm the existence of the adult movie. Nikko has MiMi whipped!

“I’m in such another place, I don’t even realize when that camera is on,” MiMi tells Nikko in the trailer.

What she meant to say is that she didn’t care if the camera was on. According to TMZ, those tapes have been sold to Vivid Entertainment. Vivid executive Steve Hirsch says he acquired the tape and recently got MiMi and Nikko to sign a deal to sell the movie.

According to Hirsch, “Love & Hip Hop” producers have also given their blessing on the tape. The tape, which has been titled “MiMi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta,” will be released later this month.


SMH. The thirst! Celebrities are not supposed to be this thirsty. If you’re already on tv how much more famous do you expect to get? If you can’t make money off your current fame a tape won’t help. Once again this only works for white celebrities. Black women are promoted as being sexual beings, so for a black woman to attempt to make a profit from a tape displaying what is already perceived as being her “natural state of being” will not solicit any fame.  But I’m sure Vivid paid a pretty penny..