Beyonce and Lupita Photo Opt was the Real Reason for the Solange and Jay Z Fight ?!


Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Erica Badu During the AfterParty At “The Standard Hotel”

Ever since the tape was released by of the elevator fight heard around the world, a lot has been speculated.

Rumors from Jay-Z wanting to attend Rihanna’s after party without Bey, to Dame Dash Ex Rachael Roy being the reason.

But a source informed that Beyonce’s photo opt with Lupita Nyong’o was behind the entire ordeal.

First let dispel all the other rumors. Beyonce , Solange, and Jay-Z were already at an after party. Jay-Z has never had a problem going to parties with, or without Beyonce before where Rihanna attended. True, Rachael Roy, was at the same after party as Jay-Z, Solange, and Beyonce, but it’s no proof that a dispute between Solange and Rachael Roy occurred. The two have always got along in the past.

Now let’s cut to the photo opt between Beyonce and Lupita.

During the Met Gala after-party, At the Standard hotel where the fight occurred, Lupita attended the same party. Jay-Z admired Lupita’s work in “12 years a Slave” even giving her a shootout in “We Made It’ where he rapped the lyrics

I’m on my Lupita Nyong’o

Stuntin’ on stage, got the 12 Years A Slave

This Ace of Spades look like an Oscar

Lupita was so thrilled about the  Jay-Z  shootout she tweetedUntitled

 With such admiration for each other, why no photo when the two meet ?

Lupita really wanted to take a picture with Jay-Z . When it was time to take a picture with Lupita at the party, Jay-Z refused. The source claims Jay-Z refused the picture, because Solange kept jumping into the pictures. Jay-Z being the image conscious person he is, just wanted a picture with  himself, Beyonce, and Lupita. Also one with just Beyonce and Lupita, but Solange kept getting into the photos, and he refused to take one with Lupita altogether.

I don’t know how true this is but if you take a look at the only photos released of Lupita and Beyonce at the Met Gala afterparty, one person is always included, and the other is absent.



Word is Jay-Z even said something slick to Solange on the lines of “Do she even know who you are.”  With Solange, already being sensitive about her career, and past problems of Jay-Z’s attitude when she’s at major events with the power couple, took her over the edge.

SideNote:   It’s also rumored that a simlar dispute occured between Jay-Z and Solange at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

They don’t look to happy here.