Divorce Docs Prove Michael Jace Abused Ex Wife, Murdered Wife Testified On His Behalf


This morning shocking news that a sort of popular actor, Michael Jace, had pretty much ended his own life by murdering his wife hit the internet.  While it’s unknown as of yet the exact reason why he killed his wife it is known that the actor has a history of violence towards the women in his life.

Before Jace married April, he was married to Jennifer Bitterman from 1996-2002. During their divorce proceedings, Bitterman testified that Jace was extremely abusive. And in a disturbing similarities, he often behaved violently in front of the couple’s young son.

Divorce documents obtained by TMZ show Jace’s now deceased wife defended him against his ex wife’s claims. April, the woman who was killed by a gun shot wound at the hand of Jace, said that he was a great father. She told the judge that he provided a stable home for his child. But she never spoke on claims that he choked Bitterman and slammed her into a wall in front of their son.

Instead, she told the judge that she was a bad mother. April talked about Michael and Jennifer’s son saying, “Usually at bedtime, he (Jordan, Michael and Jennifer’s son) prays for his mom and asks God to protect her while he’s not there with her.”

But a friend of Bitterman’s told a different story. She said she witnessed Jace coking and slamming her against the wall, all in front of their son.

The friend recalls that he was raging out of control. She said, “Seeing the extent of his anger was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen.”

And she says this wasn’t the only time he had physically assaulted her friend.

Women are always quick to jump on their new boyfriend’s side to team up against an ex. But a woman should never be quick to aide a man if he’s accused of being abusive.  Maybe April thought she was special and that he would never hit her like he hit his ex wife… Unfortunately he did way more than just hit her. Michael ended his wife’s life.

Source: Madam Noire