This Is What Happens When You Say You Don’t Like Beyonce “The Beygency” Video



No one has fans at the level that Beyonce has stans. Matter of fact, the word Stan only existed in an Eminem song, until Beyonce reached the height of her career.  The singing sensation, Beyonce is the owner of one the most powerful armies on the internet, The Beehive.

Whether you find yourself in a chat room, on a message board, On twitter or Facebook saying you don’t like Beyonce or you don’t agree with something Beyonce says, one will quickly learn that there are no honeybees in the Beehive.. The hive only accepts Killer Bees. They will come for your throat and your very life force if you talk against their Queen Bee.

SNL decided to mock Beyonce’s cult like following in a short trailer called ‘The Beygency”

He was a normal man with a normal life until one day, he decided to turn against his country, and his queen…

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